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Things to do on Isla Mujeres:



  • • The island offers fabulous snorkeling opportunites, both on your own and with tours. There are many operations willing to take tourists out to some of the local reefs for some fantastic snorkeling. Generally, a reservation is not required. Just head toward the ferry or the beach and you should find someone looking for passengers.
  • • If diving is more your speed, there are several great dive shops located on Isla Mujeres. Diving around the island provides a great experience for a wide range of expertise. There are reefs in shallow, low current water for the new divers and reef drift dives for the more experienced. For the truly experienced, try the Cave of the Sleeping Sharks on one of the local shipwrecks like Ultra Freeze. At least a one day’s notice is required for the smaller dives. For the more advanced dives it may take more time to gather enough people.



  • • There are several outfits willing to take passengers out for a day’s fishing excursion. Talk to any of the excursion vendors for more information or just ask around down by the fishing docks.

Garrafón Natural Reef Park


  • • Garrafon is a gorgeous, natural park highlighted by reefs, cliffs and beautiful ocean landscapes that will captivate your senses and free the very essence of your soul. You will enjoy water activities like kayaking and snorkeling, adventure activities like hiking, biking and flying over the turquoise waters on a zip line, or just hours of relaxation on hammocks and lounge chairs close to the tropical bar. The park also has direct access to a beautiful cliff area called Punta Sur, where you will admire a sculpture garden, lighthouse, a Mayan temple and the breathtaking path by the sea that will lead you to the first spot on Mexican soil touched by the sunrise light every morning.

Dolphin Discovery

  • • The Dolphin Discovery location has been designed especially for the dolphins´ care and for your amusement. You will rest on comfortable lounge chairs, taste delicious dishes and fresh beverages, take a splash while you listen to the sound of waves or simply stare at the amazing sea fountains and the dolphins for hours over the pier. It doesn’t matter your preferences, this place has something for everyone: plus, the awesome swim with dolphins programs and you will have the opportunity to discover unique experiences with sharks and rays.

Casa Mundaca


  • • This attraction is part ruins, part zoo. The land was once the home of the Pirate Mundaca who had a colorful story on Isla Mujeres. You can learn the story, view the ruins of his hacienda (home), as well as see all kinds of local wild life.

Turtle Farm


  • • Isla Mujeres is the ancestral hatching ground for the giant sea turtles who lay their eggs in the soft sand every May through September. For many years, the sea turtles were killed for their meat and shell and their eggs dug up for food. They are now federally protected. The eggs are placed in pens to keep them safe from predators, and the newly hatched turtles are placed in tanks until they are released into the wild by the local school children. Seeing hundreds of sea turtles that survive thanks to the care and love of the islanders is a unique experience.

Isla Contoy


  • • This nearly uninhabited island serves as an important bird sanctuary. Licensed tour services bring visitors in each day to see the island’s beauty and lounge on its powdered beaches. Tours generally include a stop at an underwater national snorkeling park, as well as a great lunch of fresh fish.
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