What to Bring:

Clothing & Personal Items

  • • Camera
  • • Walking shoes
  • • Suntan lotion
  • • Traveler’s checks/Cash/ATM card/Credit card
  • • Swim suit
  • • Basic summer clothes (Isla is very casual, T-shirts and shorts are fine anywhere, but you might want to bring something dressier for evening)
  • • Travel size mosquito repellent (especially in summer)


Getting to Isla

  • • Once you arrive in Cancun, you will go through Customs. After going through Customs, continue down the hall to the exit doors and you will be in the “Arrivals” area.
  • • If you are being met, they will be waiting here. There are several ways to get to the ferries that take you to Isla from the airport. You can arrange for a transfer ahead of time, USA Transfers & Best Day do a great job. Our property manager would also be glad to make arrangements for your pick up as well.
  • • The Ferry dock to Isla Mujeres (Gran Puerto Cancun/Ultramar) is only 15 minutes north of downtown Cancun. The express boats leave every half hour from 5:00 am until 9:00 pm and every hour after that. The crossing takes about 15 minutes.
  • • There are several different ways to explore Isla. Taxi’s are readily available and offer fast transportation at minimal cost. Golf carts are a fantastic way to see all of Isla at your own pace. You may also choose to rent a scooter or bicycle as well.

Everything Else:


  • • U.S dollars are accepted everywhere on the island. You may wish to exchange some of your dollars for pesos which makes bargaining for the best deals easier. Credit cards can be used at some locations but are not necessary and may pose more of a risk than would cash or travelers checks.

Food & Water

  • • The most common question asked about traveling to Mexico is: “Can I drink the water?” Isla Mujeres has an extensive water purification system but, no one on the island drinks the water from the tap. Bottled water is readily available at all restaurants and grocery stores. There is no problem brushing your teeth using tap water and don’t worry if you swallow a bit in the shower.
  • • Isla is packed with restaurants from Italian, Chinese and Mediterranean to traditional Mexican. Most of them are really reasonable and offer great service as well as excellent food and atmosphere.
Isla Mujeres, Mexico 812-325-7715 casabendicionisla@gmail.com